Real-Life ‘Get Out’ Character Bradley Whitford Lectures Stephen King on Diversity

Stephen King got a lot of unasked-for lectures recently when he tweeted about diversity not being an important criteria for him when considering his Oscar nominations.

It’s a sensible stance that I broadly agree with. A good movie is a good movie and a bad movie is a bad movie; a bad movie starring a woman isn’t any better than  bad movie starring a man.

Bradley Whitford took issue with King’s comments, telling TMZ King is “expressing his ignorance” before struggling to think of anyone who he felt had been snubbed aside from Greta Gerwig, who the TMZ interviewer had just mentioned, settling on Adam Sandler who, to be fair, is Jewish.

It reminded me of a story about how when Whitford was filming Get Out, he didn’t realize the line “By the way, I would have voted for Obama for a third term if I could,” was a creepy thing to say and suggests he may have even said it to Jordan Peele himself.

Jordan Peele sort of had the perfect casting in a movie where white people are body snatching blacks people because it’s fashionable in their upper-class white liberal circles to do so, didn’t he?

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