Lori Loughlin’s Daughter Olivia Jade’s Fake Rowing Resume Has Been Released to the Public.

Does anyone else feel like Lori Loughlin’s trial has been going on longer than Harvey Weinstein’s? Seriously, they’re accused of lying on a resume and old Harvey allegedly raped every woman in Hollywood despite not having a dick.

New details in Loughlin’s case, reported by Page Six, show the fake resume that accompanied one of their daughters’ college application. Based on the date it appears to be Olivia Jade’s, but the name is redacted since she’s not the one on trial.

The fake accomplishments include three medals in three years at the San Diego Crew Classic, a real event with easily verifiable results.

But lying on your resume isn’t illegal. You should see the lies I had to tell to get this writing job; I actually don’t even know how to read. What Loughlin and her husband Mossimo Giannulli are actually on trial for is bribery, and their defense is they were tricked into believing they were making a legal donation.

The couple is arguing that they gave the money in good faith, thinking it was simply a donation to the school, and were unaware of what mastermind college-fixer Rick Singer was up to — posing the girls are athletes to help pave their way into the prestigious college, which eventually accepted them.

Copies of two checks were part of the filing: Each for $50,000 made out to “USC WOMENS ATHLETICS,” with “the purpose” being for the “Galen Center Film Room” courtesy of the Key Worldwide Foundation, Singer’s sham nonprofit.

It sounds believable, honestly. Rich idiots buy new buildings for colleges to get their idiot kids into school all the time. Prosecutors are really keen to throw the books at them to maintain the integrity of our college education system; the same system that saw George W Bush graduate from both Harvard and Yale, so you know everything is above-board.

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