Pete Davidson Hates Louis C.K., SNL

Pete Davidson has a new Netflix special just in case you didn’t see enough punchable faces on last night’s Democratic debate. He’s been promoting it because let’s face it, exactly zero people are pulling out their phone desperate to see if Pete Davidson has done anything new. He stopped by The Breakfast Club and TMZ reports he once again talked about his burning hatred for Louis C.K.

Pete Davidson is taking a brand new swipe at Louis C.K., claiming he’s a mean dude who treats young comics poorly and adds … it’s been “amazing” to watch his career crumble.

I do think it’s kind of shitty to try and get a comic fired for smoking too much weed, that’s a good 90% of being a stand-up comic. If Louis wanted to get Pete fired, he should pointed out how shitty his jokes are.

Like, seriously, have you watched Saturday Night Live recently? It’s just “Orange man bad! But not that bad, give us our tax cuts orange daddy!”

Pete also mentioned he’s considering leaving the show like it’s Pete Davidson and he’s a hot girl with daddy issues who is dating Pete Davidson until she finds out he’s like, 26 and not 45.

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2 years ago

HE has basically nothing else going on. Like nothing. He leaves and he’ll just fade away, and leave a vapor trail of weed and bad life choices in his wake.

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