Joe Exotic of ‘Tiger King’ Fame is Suing For a Big Prison Payday

Tiger King / Screenshot

Okay, fine, I’ll watch Tiger King, just shut up about it already. I swear to god I thought this was a Chris Lilley show until I realized no one was in blackface. People just will not shut up about this show and its “star” Joe Exotic, who is currently in prison for hiring a hitman to murder a rival who was trying to shut down his Big Cat breeding/zoo business. I know, it’s shocking to find out that exotic animal breeders are probably bad people.

Joe is still fighting the battles that ended up getting him sent to prison for two decades. WBNS Ohio is reporting that Exotic, real name Joseph Maldonado-Passage, has filed lawsuits totaling $94 million against the people he’s depicted fueling with in the Netflix show.

According to court documents, Maldonado-Passage, who is representing himself, wants $78.8 million for 18 years of research, loss of personal property and the care for 200 generic tigers.

The former zookeeper also wants $15 million for false arrest, false imprisonment, discrimination, malicious prosecution, selective enforcement and death of his mother, Shirley Schreibvogel.

This motherfucker couldn’t even afford name brand name tigers and he thought it was a good idea to hire a contract killer?

The lawsuit also alleges discrimination by all parties because he is “an openly gay man with the largest collection of generic tigers and crossbreeds,” Maldonado-Passage wrote.

He specifically calls out Lowe for using homophobic slurs towards himself and his husband and threatening to bulldoze their home, according to court documents.

As for the murder-for-hire conviction? Maldonado-Passage has an explanation as to why he believes a federal grand jury got it wrong. Claiming in the lawsuit that Allen Glover, the man he allegedly hired to kill Baskin, lied on the stand misleading the jury.

It all makes sense now. They tricked him into hiring a hitman because they don’t like gay people! And you just can’t trust those hot men. This is not a man who should be representing himself in court.

On the bright side, maybe this craziness will go on long enough for Netflix to get a second season.

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