Colin Kaepernick Reaching Out to the Jets After Fake Signing

Yesterday, a tweet from a parody account tweeted that the Jets had signed free agent Colin Kaepernick. It shot up to over 13,000 retweets with a lot of those believing the the story.

What was a joke has now taken on a life of its own. After seeing the tweet, Kaepernick decided to shoot his shot. Kap has reached out to the Jets hoping for a deal. According to TMZ, he thinks he’d be a great fit. Not at all surprising. Anyone unemployed would tell a prospective employer they’d be a great fit for their company. Right now, 6.6 million Americans would tell a fetish site paying people to get their nuts crushed under a pair of high heels that they’d be a great fit for the company. And almost half of those people don’t even have nuts to crush.

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