Lori Loughlin Scored Another Win in Her Legal Battle Over College Admissions Scandal

Guys, this is Lori Loughlin right now.

NBC News reports that Lori Loughlin has racked up another win in her legal battle with the US government and it’s looking more and more like she and her husband Mossimo Giannulli were also basically victims of Rick Singer who were entrapped by the government.

The attorneys cite notes from the scheme’s mastermind and government cooperating witness, William “Rick” Singer, in which he says that investigators instructed him to “bend the truth” and “tell a fib” in order to “retrieve responses that are not accurate.”

Singer helped investigators by wearing a wire to expose the scam.

His notes say that federal investigators “fabricated evidence to create the false impression that Defendants knowingly paid bribes to corrupt insiders, rather than made legitimate donations to help their children’s chances of admission.”

In layman terms, Loughlin and her husband appear to have hired Singer to get their dumb-dumb daughters into colleges, which is a legitimate service, without knowing that his methods were not above-board. Sort of like people who made a profit investing with Bernie Madoff. When he got pinched by the feds he made a deal to deliver his clients and the government didn’t care if he had to lie to make it seem like they knew their money was being used to pay bribes.

This is a very compelling argument in Loughlin’s favor considering that the Fed running the press conference announcing the arrests had to explain the difference between these bribes and paying for a new library for the school to which your kid applied.

Basically, the government’s case hinges on Loughlin and other parents knowing that Singer was paying bribes, and it’s looking more and more like they didn’t.

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Herbert Hoover
Herbert Hoover
2 years ago

I can go with that if they claimed the donation on their taxes.

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