Lori Loughlin and Husband Take Plea Deal, Will See Jail Time

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Unfortunately it’s not illegal to be stupid, but you can apparently go to jail for having stupid kids. Lori Loughlin and her husband Mossimo Gianulli took a plea deal that will see her spend two months in jail while Gianulli will be in for five. The deal also includes fines and community service.

This is essentially the way the United States justice system currently functions. If you’re accused of a crime, prosecutors will find a way to pile on charges to get you to plead out rather than take the chance of spending 20 years in prison to prove their innocence. It’s actually pretty common, I once had jury duty and after we got called into the court room for selection the defendant took a plea deal and they told us that happens all the time, people get nervous as the reality of a trial sets in.

I’m not sure any layperson could actually explain the difference between what Loughlin and her husband did and what other rich people do all the time to get their idiot kids into college. It basically boils down to writing the wrong name on the check, and they’re not the ones who wrote check.

Remember how adamant the prosecution was that they weren’t going to offer Loughlin a deal after she turned down the first deal and they started stacking additional charges on her and her couple? I have no doubt that the reason Loughlin got this deal now is she was winning.

Of course, the conditions of the plea agreement aren’t final until the judge rules on them; just ask Roman Polanski. He got railroaded so badly that even the teenager he raped took his side over the judge’s.

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3 years ago

Privileged people get soft time, joe the plumber gets his bass reamed……