Kanye’s Former Bodyguard is Back, Calls West a Bully, Claims he Never Signed an NDA


If you’re rich and famous, it is in your best interest to be nice to the people who work for you, because if you’re an asshole they’re going to tell people about it. This is a lesson Kanye West clearly has not learned because boy does his former bodyguard, not like him. And it turns out threatening to sue someone over some minor slams doesn’t make them less likely to tell everyone how much you suck.

Kanye West’s former bodyguard Steve Stanulis has not exactly been quiet about his bad a boss he thought Kanye was, and West threatened to sue him for breaching the NDA he signed. Only now Page Six reports that Stanulis claims he never signed an NDA.

But Page Six has now seen a response from Stanulis’ lawyer, which claims the bodyguard never signed a confidentiality agreement in the first place.

The missive goes on: “As such, any efforts undertaken by your clients to enforce any purported ‘confidentiality agreement’ will be met with counterclaims, that will seek significant damages, along with court costs and legal fees.”

In a statement to Page Six, Stanulis’ attorney, Dmitriy Shakhnevich, said, “Our client is being bullied here, and we will not stand for that.”

This guy is currently promoting a movie he was in with Tara Reid, who used to be a celebrity. But he’s clearly had enough of Kanye’s s**t, which is probably true of anyone who worked with Kanye. He even said that “if Kanye and Kim want to go to war, bring it on — they aren’t the only ones with a strong legal team.”

I honestly want this to go to court and see what comes out during discovery about Kanye. America needs entertainment, Kanye, give it to us. Be a star on Court TV which isn’t a thing anymore.

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