Kim Kardashian Reportedly Needs to Get Away From Kanye So She Doesn’t Divorce Him

Kanye West is kind of a handful. I mean, really, I find the dude exhausting and I just see him on TV. Can you imagine living with him? A normal person would be clawing their eyes out. Apparently, so would Kim Kardashian, because The Sun is reporting that Kim feels like she needs to get the hell away from Kanye before she divorces him.

“Things are tough between Kim and Kanye because they never normally spend this much time together, but she doesn’t want a divorce,” says the insider.

“She considers her marriage to Kanye and their family together a huge success – she’s the only sister who is married and thinks of herself and Kanye as a power couple.

“The last thing she wants is a divorce – especially because the public backlash after her second divorce was unbearable.

“What I think will happen is they’ll spend time apart in different houses – but not divorce.”

That’s a good reason to stay together; if you don’t, your TV ratings might go down. And you’re a power couple, you’re like Jay-Z and Beyoncé except everyone hates you and you have to hang out with Donald Trump instead of Barack Obama.

On the other hand, Kanye has been uncharacteristically not terrible during the recent period of protests and unrest following the murder of George Floyd.

Kanye managed not being terrible by keeping his damn mouth shut for a change. I know, every brand in the country has weighed in, but Kanye has said absolutely nothing.

But then Kanye showed up Thursday night at a protest in Chicago and like other celebrities who have been protesting he didn’t make things about himself, he was just another person coming out to show solidarity.

Kanye also made a rather sizable donation to the family of George Floyd, as well the families of Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor, two other victims of police brutality.

I don’t actually think Kanye West is a bad person, and I think, like you see here, his heart is ultimately in the right place.

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