Britney Spears is More Henna Tattoo Than Woman Now

If you’re not familiar with henna, it’s a very strong hair dye for anyone who wants to be a redhead. It will red the s**t out of your hair forever, believe me. In some places, particularly in India, it’s also used for temporary tattoos which can be quite intricate, extravagant and gorgeous. It’s something of a tradition for Hindu brides to have their hands and feet tattooed like this for a wedding.

Henna tattoos are also illegal in the United States because the FDA only approves henna for use in hair dyes and not for application to the skin, primarily because the additives to make these dyes a color other than red can cause allergic reactions.

Britney Spears will not be told what she can or cannot use to get a temporary tattoo by your little FDA.

It’s kind of hard not to pay attention to Britney.

Of course, not all that attention is, shall we say, hinged, and Page Six highlighted a couple of comments from Britney’s fans who think this is some kind of cry for help from the singer.

Fans, who believe in the #FreeBritney movement, questioned whether the peculiar post was another sign from Spears, 38, to show that she was being held against her will by her conservatorship.

“Wtf have they done to you?!!” one person asked. “Its clear someone else is taking these pictures and the plain background is not lost on us … its VERY obvious they dont want to give any evidence of where you are actually being held at this point.” The comment received more than 400 likes.

Another person wrote, “She’s demanding attention because she’s in trouble.”

Jesus Christ guys, can’t you just get really into QAnon or Russiagate or the moon landing like normal conspiracy-theory weirdos?

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