Dave Chappelle Went to Check on Kanye West

Kanye West is bipolar and off his medication, and being off his medication has caused him to have an extended manic episode, which is the less-understood part of being bipolar. Mania is probably best understood by people not familiar as having an abundance of energy, akin to a young child on a sugar rush but in a scary, angry and self-destructive way.

There’s actually an episode of the adult cartoon King of the Hill about Hank Hill’s neighbor Khan having a manic episode which does a pretty good job of illustrating it if you want more information in a way that’s easy to digest without a lot of medical terminology.

This is why Kanye has seemed so, well, crazy as of late. The man launched a presidential campaign on a whim and didn’t have the follow-through to file the proper paperwork in most states. Then he started spewing some irrational, paranoid stories about his wife and mother-in-law.

I think everyone was just hoping Kanye would get some help. I don’t know Kanye West, I can’t just drop by his place and ask him if he’s okay. You know who can do that? Dave Chappelle. So he did.

Kanye likes to put comedians on the spot to tell jokes, Aziz Ansari has a bit in his special about Kanye doing the same thing to him at a party.

Kanye still needs a lot of help, and Elle reports his wife, Kim Kardashian, is “devastated” by the tweets he made about her late Monday night. But at least Dave checked up on him and we know he’s okay at the moment.

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