Kanye’s Twitter Meltdown is the Most Presidential Thing He’s Done

NBC / Jimmy Kimmel

I don’t know about you, but when I think of the President of the United States, I think of absolutely unhinged Twitter rants that sound like they’ve been written by an escaped mental patient. This is fortunate for Kanye West, who, by that metric, started to sound real presidential late Monday night.

Kanye, who is clearly in the middle of a manic episode and shouldn’t be on Twitter or doing rallies for an ill-conceived presidential run that only Elon Musk is dumb enough to get behind, had three main points of crazy in his rant; he’s being Get Outted by someone, maybe Kris Jenner or NBC, he’s afraid North is going to be in Playboy, a magazine that doesn’t exist anymore and Kris Jenner’s boyfriend is Calmye.

Let’s start with Calmye.

Yeah, okay, so who is Calmye?

Okay, I see it. That’s Corey Gamble, Jenner’s boyfriend.

He had a lot to say about his wife, too.

North West is seven, why is Kanye freaking out about this? There has never been a seven-year-old in Playboy. Just ask Brooke Shields, you have to be at least 10.

Someone should lock Kanye up for his own good until this manic episode is over. Page Six reported that Kim is already pissed with Kanye after the speech he gave at his presidential rally claiming the couple almost aborted North.

An insider said, “Kim is mortified. She has desperately been trying to help Kanye, keep him calm and prevent him from having any public meltdowns. The family believe he is having a bipolar episode. He won’t take medications because he feels they make him less creative. But go out and say that about [their eldest, daughter] North is shocking. Kim is devastated. She’s worked so hard to help him, but she won’t let him do this to their children.”

I’ll bet she’s insisting she’s moving to Wyoming, the worst state in the country, and claiming her mother pimped her out (she kind of did) (allegedly) and Is trying to Get Out him will smooth their relationship problems over, though.

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