More Sexual Assault Charges for Ron Jeremy, Who Could Be Clogging Prison Shower Drains for 250 Years

Ron Jeremy is the porn star who made every gross fat dude think they could be a porn star. You know, until they saw his giant hog. That fat piece of crap made his name in porn by sucking his own dick and he didn’t really even have to stretch, which is good because Ron Jeremy doesn’t look like he can stretch.

Ron was already facing some charges of sexual assault, but CNN reports prosecutors have rolled out 20 more charges against The Hedgehog, which means he could get a maximum of 250 years in prison. He won’t, people basically don’t get the maximum jail time for crimes, especially if they’re celebrities.

Prosecutors on Monday announced 20 more charges against Jeremy, alleging he has sexually assaulted 13 women since 2004.

The charges include includes six counts of sexual battery by restraint, five counts of forcible rape, three counts of forcible oral copulation, two count of forcible penetration by a foreign object and one count each of sodomy, assault with intent to commit rape, penetration by a foreign object on an unconscious or sleeping victim and lewd conduct with a 15-year-old girl.

Wait, with a what now?

Prosecutors said Jeremy sexually assaulted the 15-year-old girl at a party in 2004. They also alleged he assaulted a woman as recently as New Year’s Day this year.

Yeah, that’s what I thought it said. Why are Ron Jeremy and a 15-year-old girl at the same party? What social circle encompasses both of those people?

According to online court records, he is in jail in Los Angeles and is being held on $6.6 million bail.

If all of that isn’t enough, Ron also appears to be one of those people who wears the mask below his nose.

Not doing yourself any favors there, Ron. You look like Hannibal Lecter if he really let himself go.

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