Zoë Kravitz Knocks Hulu’s Lack of Diversity on Their Original Shows No One Has Ever Heard Of

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Quick, name a Hulu original series that isn’t The Handmaid’s Tale. Could you do it? Did you say the one about the aliens by the Rick and Morty guy?

Hulu is not a service people subscribe to because they want to watch Hulu original programs or even catalog programming; people subscribe to Hulu because they ditched their cable and they want to watch network TV shows.

Hulu has a lot of original shows in the pipeline, though, presumably because NBC is eventually going to pull their programming from the service and they would like to have something to keep people subscribed when that happens.

The streamer is basically just throwing things at the wall to see what sticks, which is virtually nothing. One of the things that fell off the wall was High Fidelity, an adaptation of the Nick Hornby novel about a record shop owner who goes back and works through his issues with his ex-girlfriends in order to overcome his fear of commitment. Actress Zoë Kravitz, who starred in the Hulu adaptation, slammed the streamer for not being diverse enough on her way out the door, saying “it’s cool. At least Hulu has a ton of other shows starring women of color we can watch. Oh, wait,” in a comment to her Instagram post about the show’s end.

I mean, there’s that Black-ish spin-off.

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