Are We Going to See ‘The Mandalorian’ Without the Mandalorian?

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The Mandalorian just won two creative arts Emmys for Sound Editing and Production Design, making it the first Disney+ show to bring home a statue, something that took Netflix six years and a huge PR push to accomplish.

But there’s reportedly trouble on the set, mainly because Pedro Pascal doesn’t know why the hell he’s on set since he’s never shown without his helmet on and it’s not him in the suit when the helmet is on, it’s John Wayne’s grandson Brandon Wayne. How do you not name your kid Bruce if your name is Wayne?

YouTuber Grace Randolph is saying that she’s confirmed with two sources that Pedro Pascal stormed off the set halfway through season two after going over the producers’ heads and taking his complaints about essentially doing a voice-only role to the higher-ups at Lucasfilm.

Now, Randolph talks like this means his character, Din Djarin, will only appear in half the season, but as we know he’s not Don Djarin, Brendan Wayne is, Pascal only does his voice and only physically played him in one scene.

I don’t expect much to have changed because Pascal wasn’t around, because it’s really likely he recorded his voice lines for the entire season before and not after he supposedly stormed off the set.

I also don’t expect that the show is looking to continue without Pascal or his character Din Djarin, the Mandolarian of The Mandalorian. The worst-case scenario is that they get someone else to do his voice, TV shows recast characters all the time and we really don’t need to see him without his helmet again until the final scene of the series.

I don’t see even that happening, though. Pascal is going to get paid an unreasonable amount of money to do a voice-only role and he’s not going to turn that down. Even if he’s been having these problems with the production team, it’s not like Star Wars has anything else worth watching going on at all at the moment. Like, AT ALL. This is definitely going to get worked out and those buckets of money from Baby Yoda merch is going to keep flowing like the drugs Disney wants you to forget Han Solo was smuggling.

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