I Will Never Understand How Anyone Can Hate Chris Pratt

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People on the internet apparently had a meeting and decided to hate Chris Pratt and if I live to be a thousand years old I will never understand how it happened. If you told me a PR company hired by his ex-wife Anna Faris was behind it because she was still mad he was more famous than her now, that would actually make more sense than whatever really happened.

Let’s hop back in time to where the latest round of hatred came from. Pratt made a post on Instagram asking people to vote for Onward in the People’s Choice Awards.

Yeah, that’s literally it.

I don’t know if the people mad about this are the most humorless people in the world or they just wanted any excuse to get in their two minutes hate against Pratt, but it was probably both. Supposedly Pratt’s crime here was not taking the US presidential election seriously enough because people like to pretend it’s a matter of life or death when it does not matter at all who wins.

No, really, it will not affect your life in really any way. “But James,” you may be thinking, “what about all those people in the camps at the border? Won’t they continue to be held there if Trump wins?” And to that I say Joe Biden was Vice President when those camps were built and opened and the Obama administration essentially continued all the policies of the Bush administration.

Anyway, about a week later, Amy Berg made a harmless meme tweet that got blown way out of proportion.

People were really mean about Chris Pratt for reasons that have nothing to do with Chris Pratt but are instead about some fictional Chris Pratt they’ve invented in their head.

Look at that, in no way is Chris Pratt a white supremacist.

Oh, Chris Pratt goes to a homophobic church? So does everyone else who goes to a church. Even Buddhism is kind of homophobic but I don’t see you all lathered up over Richard Gere.

People are also mad, as you may have noticed, that basically everyone who worked with Chris Pratt has made a public statement about what a genuinely nice guy he is.

Mark Ruffalo is almost as far left politically as I am and even he thinks you’re being foolish.

People were also mad that Pratt wasn’t attending a Joe Biden fundraiser with Ruffalo and Zoe Saldana and a handful of other Marvel actors, using this as “proof” that he’s a secret Trump guy, even though Brie Larson also isn’t going to the fundraiser.

There’s a very good reason for why Chris Pratt isn’t political and why he very rarely makes any kind of political statement. He doesn’t want to be controversial because he wants to be able to use his celebrity for good. This is a guy who insisted on keeping his Star Lord costume from Guardians of the Galaxy so he could go visit sick kids in the hospital. It used to be a running joke in The Onion. You’re not going to convince me he’s a bad guy.

And to the people who always want to make a political issue when Pratt comes up in conversation: you’re the annoying uncle who wouldn’t stop bitching about liberals at Thanksgiving. If your eight-year-old cousin wants to watch Harry Potter or Guardians of the Galaxy, just shut up and let them, you don’t need to lecture everyone on why they’re bad. You’re not saving the world, you’re just unpleasant to be around and unable to have any empathy for anyone who disagrees with you on anything.

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2 years ago

All this shows once again is that millennials and Gen Zers are ginormous assholes on Twitter and social media. And they buy into propaganda and are the easiest generations to manipulate. Just ask Dorsey, Zuckerberg and co. Bandwagons dolts. We need to be better.

2 years ago

Everyone hates Chris Pratt because he attends a church that is homophobic and the founder of said church blamed sexual assault on the victims. Also he flashed Amy Pohler on the set of parks and rec (which is sexual assault) and sexually harassed Aubrey Plaza. I can go on about how he supports pedophiles and tried forcing his ex wife to risk her life to have another kid but I think y’all get the point.