Aaron Rodgers Reportedly Wants to Leave Green Bay Because, Well, Have You Seen Green Bay in January?

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Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin has gained the nickname “The Frozen Tundra” thanks to ESPN SportsCenter anchor Chris Berman and not, as many people believe, NFL Films legend John Facenda.

Now, it sounds like something John Facenda may have said and the reason it stuck is because Green Bay actually is a frozen tundra. So you can understand why someone might not want to live there when they could live in LA.

Don’t get me wrong, the people of Green Bay are great, some of the best football fans in the country. But your city is too cold and someone needs to tell you.

Aaron Rodgers has been the QB in Green Bay since Brett Favre retired and now there are reports he wants to be traded.

He did a great job hosting Jeopardy! so he could potentially be offered that job full time and just retire from football. He could also just retire and be retired because he made an entire fortune and probably doesn’t want to get any more CTE than he already has.

The man is engaged to Shailene Woodley, he should get to enjoy that before he forgets who she is. And who he is. And what football is.

The Packers have said they won’t trade Rodgers, but there are rumors that they could trade him to the Las Vegas Raiders or the Denver Broncos this weekend. Because on the one hand, of course they’re not going to want to trade last year’s MVP, but on the other hand he could retire rather than play for any team and then they don’t have Rodgers or a replacement. If he refuses to play for them, they’ll take what they can get in a trade, and they don’t want him to end up in their division.

Of course, this could also end with Rodgers sitting in Green Bay watching LeVar Burton do better than him hosting Jeopardy! while his hot chocolate freezes before he can drink it.

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