Jake Paul Accused of Sexual Assault by Justine Paradise

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Justine Paradise, a fairly popular TikToker, posted a video to YouTube discussing the time she alleges that Jake Paul sexually assaulted her.

The jist of what allegedly happened, according to Paradise, is she was invited over to Jake Paul’s studio/house and hung out with him, eventually making out with him. Jake wanted to go further, she did not, so he took his pants off and forced her to perform oral sex on him against her will.

Now, Jake Paul hasn’t commented on this and these are just allegations, we can’t say for sure what happened.

But honestly, did anyone see the headline “Jake Paul Accused of Sexual Assault” and say “that doesn’t seem likely. I don’t see how that can be true.”

What I will say here is that Justine Paradise seems very convincing and sympathetic and Jake Paul has never come off as either of those for even a second in his entire life to me.

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