Lena Dunham is Under Fire For Not Being Fat Enough

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Here’s something I thought I’d never say: Lena Dunham is being criticized on the internet because her clothes are too small.

Specifically, Lena Dunham’s selection of five overpriced, ugly plus-sized pieces of clothing aren’t made in large enough sizes for some women, with the line only going up to a size 26, which according to Lane Bryant means a 54-inch and a 48-inch waist, which is… pretty big. But not big enough for Twitter!

I get it, I’m not exactly thin myself, but if you go into the big and tall shop and everything I’d too small, maybe you should try jogging. Or have a water.

Of course, not everyone was mad at Lena Dunham for not being fat enough. Some people pointed out that Lena Dunham sucks and her clothes are just overpriced crap, which is all incredibly true.

Lena Dunham says there’s only five pieces like it’s a specially selected, curated collection but two of the pieces are a white tank top and a blue skirt? Yeah, good luck find those in stores without Lena Dunham’s help.

Why is she even famous again? HBO bought her show about Bryant Gumbel’s ass or whatever on a half-page treatment. Hey, I’m fat and horny too, where’s my TV show?

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