Post Malone Caused a Real Scene Dropping Major Cash on Magic: the Gathering Cards

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Pokémon cards have been having a pretty big moment because of Logan Paul and other YouTubers reminding people they still exist and anyone under about 35 grew up in a world where Pokémon was the biggest thing around. It’s funny now to go back to shows that released in 1998 or 1999 that talked about Pokémon as a passing fad no one really understood; as if the appeal of a franchise about cute monsters alongside big beefy badass monsters with fighting and collecting rare critters is hard to understand.

Left behind so far in the explosion of trading card games has been the granddaddy of them all, Magic: The Gathering. As Pokémon and other card games like Digimon and newcomers Flesh and Blood and MetaZoo have been flying off the shelves, the only hard to find Magic products are the ones that have been intentionally under printed by Wizards of the Coast.

Don’t get me wrong here, Magic has been doing just fine and its parent company Hasbro has been touting the brand’s success, but there are for sure a bunch of Hasbro execs who literally murder someone to see Magic have the kind of broad success Pokémon has had.

The moment that causes Magic to boom might just be around the corner because Post Malone was spotted by TMZ at the Atlas MTG booth at legendary California nerd swap meet Frank & Son dropping a ton of money on Magic cards.

But here’s what TMZ didn’t know; Post was with YouTubers Josh Lee Kwai and Jimmy Wong, hosts of the monthly Magic gameplay show Game Knights, as well as regular Game Knights guest NFL linebacker Cassius Marsh.

Magic has been trying a lot of things to drum up interest, like having Mr Beast play the online Magic Arena as part of a $50,000 giveaway, but it’s failed to make waves because those people aren’t passionate about the game. Post Malone actually is passionate about the game. I’ve heard on Reddit he plays a Zur, the Enchanter deck.

It seems a lot like Post’s trip was gearing up for his just-announced appearance on Game Knights. They often build decks around certain themes for episodes so it seems likely that the hosts and their guests would go somewhere like Frank & Son to pick up the cards they need for whatever decks they’re playing. Game Knights shows Magic gameplay in a very accessible way, so if a lot of Post Malone’s fans tune in, Magic might not be languishing on the shelves Pokémon is flying off of for much longer.

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