Is Prince Harry Going to Bring Down the Monarchy?


Something that Queen Elizabeth II is keenly aware of is that the monarchy of Britain has a tenuous existence.  People in the UK currently like the monarchy, but that’s mainly because they like The Queen, who sees protecting the monarchy as a sacred duty. Everyone knows that Charles is a cunt, that’s one of the reasons Her Maj has stuck around as Queen for 70 years. For all the fuss the British press has made over Prince George there’s about a 3% chance there’s still a monarchy for him to ascend to when it’s his time.

Prince Harry is going to be the one who brings the whole thing down. Harry appeared on Dax Shepard Armchair Expert podcast to dish on the royal family and he did not make them look good, specifically when he talked about the “genetic pain and suffering” his father passed on to him.

It kind of makes sense, with Elizabeth seeing being Queen as a burden she must bear for the good of… not the country, the country would be fine without a monarch, but for the good of the institution.

A lot of Brits like to blame Meghan Markle for Harry’s views on the monarchy, wing that she’s American and black and a woman, none of which are particularly popular with fans of the monarchy. But Harry went on this podcast alone and gave his real views, which are pretty clear that the monarchy is an outdated institution that does nothing but cause pain.

As I mentioned, people like The Queen, but Harry and his rift with the rest of the family is exactly the sort of thing that’s going to turn public opinion against the monarchy. It’s one thing when the Queen’s grandson has issues with the family, but if the King’s son is going around telling everyone what a prick he is, that’s going to be a problem.

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2 years ago

Harry sounded like a bitch-a$$ millennial in that podcast, and continues to do so since his Oprah sit down. If a member of my own family did what he was doing, I’d be pissed. You keep that stuff in house. When others attack, you circle the wagons. You don’t start shooting from inside the circle at your own people, which he is doing. That is some toxic crap he is peddling, and blaming everyone else but himself. I have yet to hear he or Megan ever say what their mistakes were, what they did wrong, what they learned. They just… Read more »

10 months ago
Reply to  PunkA

I agree. If he wants to point fingers, fine, do it outside of the monarchy-renounce all titles and connections esp. financial ones. Within his still-privileged role, he is not doing anything any other royal brother has done in the history of the monarchy but in other times it would be considered treason.