Jamie Spears Accused of Extorting Britney Spears’ Conservatorship for $2 miillion

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It’s hard to give up the easy life. Jamie Spears sounds like he wanted to be the good guy in stepping down from Britney Spears’ conservatorship. But, it’s hard to remove your mouth from a cash cow’s teat.

Britney Spears’ attorney Mathew Rosengart says Jamie Spears is extorting Britney for $2 million in lawyers’ fees and payments to Jamie’s management company just to go away.

“The status quo is no longer tolerable, and Britney Spears will not be extorted…Mr. Spears’s blatant attempt to barter suspension and removal in exchange for approximately $2 million in payments, on top of the millions already reaped from Ms. Spears’s estate by Mr. Spears and his associates, is a non-starter.”

Rosengart added:

“Having finally acknowledged that his time as Conservator should end, Mr. Spears is obligated to step down without condition and without seeking to extract anything further from his daughter.”

Jamie sounds like an idiot. You’re supposed to get the money first THEN step down. You don’t ask for severance pay after you leave the company.

Mark September 29th on your calendars. That’s the day Judge Brenda Penny will decide whether to free Britney of Jamie Spears or not.

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