Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Thanks Olivia Rodrigo for Shouting ‘F**k You’ at the Supreme Court Justices

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez supported Olivia Rodrigo’s “F**k You” song at Glastonbury Festival, thanking her in a tweet.

AOC wrote:


and every artist, athlete, and entertainer who uses their platform to speak out in industries where there is immense pressure to say & do little bc many believe silence is more profitable. Culture matters. Moments like these make a huge, huge difference.

Rodrigo covered Lily Allen’s song, “F**k You,” at Glastonbury Festival and had the whole crowd singing and jumping along.

Allen’s “F**k You” chorus goes in part:

F**k you (F**k you), f**k you very, very much
‘Cause we hate what you do
And we hate your whole crew

Words Ocasio-Cortez can’t explicitly say, but feels every day since the Roe v. Wade decision.

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