Tori Spelling and Her 5 Kids Living in a Motel After Split With Dean McDermott

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Aaron Spelling died years ago leaving $800,000 to Tori Spelling. He was worth $600m, but $800,000 seems reasonable. Not good enough though. Because Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott have split, leaving Spelling to stay in a “cheap motel” with her 5 kids.

No sarcastic comment about that from me, lol. A mother looking out for her 5 kids, that’s the way it should be. In fact, a TMZ paparrazi looked like a dick when he caught up with Spelling outside a Target in San Fernando Valley.

This pap started off asking her about the split from McDermoot, blah blah, to which Spelling never answered.

It wasn’t until the pap asked her “why were you staying at a cheap motel?” that Spelling went off.

Are you a parent? You know you would do whatever you can for your kids right?

Put this pap on blast. Why beat up on Tori when she’s at a motel with her five kids after a split from her husband? I mean, even I at least will wait until she moves out of the motel before making jokes.

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