Police find 1,000 more sex photos of Edison Chen | The Blemish

Police find 1,000 more sex photos of Edison Chen

By on February 24, 2008

Edison Chen

As part of their ongoing investigations, Hong Kong police discovered 1,000 new sex photos complete with videos of three new celebrities on Edison Chen’s surrendered computers. This news follows a second round of questioning in regards to the sex “scandal” that effectively killed the careers of the celebrities involved.

Gillian Chung, probably the biggest female star implicated in the mess, has been turning down job offers because of the negative criticism levied by the public. Unlike Edison’s apology, the general public didn’t think much of Gillian’s where she said she was naive and in love.

I have to assume that Kira only released the photos because it was Chinese New Year and that he/she plans to unleash another set of photos before the Olympics begin. I remain hopeful that my theory is validated and that we’ll see more scary, untrimmed bush in the near future.

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  • tim

    why did edison never delete the files on his computers or store them elsewhere before turning them over?

  • @my

    dam! edison has a long azz tongue in that pic..lol

  • umibozu

    Photos like these, should NEVER be deleted. Tim, did you mean back up the photos on a different computer 1st?

  • Samuel Johnson

    Or he could have simply encrypted them using dozens of freeware programs out there right now.

    Don’t forget he flunked high school

  • jay

    so,where is the picture at ,I never seen them!!!!!!

  • awfultiger

    hi Jay, ask your girlfriend, she have a set of pic with Edison

  • http://www.nhimlongxanh.com/?p=963 List girlfriend [have sex] of Edison Chen

    Nothing to say, only see that

  • hehe878

    why the hell the police has to reveal the fact that they found another thousands of pics from Edison’s computer? If more pics are being leaked in the future, is it mean that Kira is part of the police force?

    Hope the scandal will be end soon. I just can’t bear to see more artists “retired” just because they had picked some stupid pics. They should have learned from Paris Hilton of being shameless!

  • wodan

    thats what she said

  • Samuel Johnson

    Well, God had to give him SOMETHING

  • philip england

    He failed high school? haha what a retard… ‘i cant write easy term paper, but i can as hell sing for hongkong-er

  • yummyv

    I’d still do him…

  • Suki

    The police is human being too. They are being nosy and want to dig more information to see who have been involved and how they exposed themselves.

  • mhhm

    I wanna date this guy. damn.

  • Suki

    Couple reasons I think:

    1. he cant even boot up the system, so he has to bring his laptop to the shop
    2. He doesnt even think that the technicians would dare to copy his photos and distribute to the public.
    3. He wants to show off these photos actually to those technicians and again, he did not think it clearly that they would ask him money for those picture and distribute them to public.
    4. He is stupid. This is the main reason.

    To be honest with you, he should not be punished as those photos belongs to him. The problem is that it happened in a conservative society.

  • Perter Norton

    1)You encrypt important material BEFORE your computer goes down
    2) He’s dumb then, particularly as newspapers say he took the computer to more than one repair shop.
    3) Yeah, apparently he liked showing those pictures off.
    4) He is stupid.

    It doesn’t matter if the pictures are private. If an ex-girlfriend of mine is dating or married to you, and I am your friend, and I have pictures of her vagina on my computer for myself or to show to friends, I am a jerk. In ANY society.

    And it has nothing to do with a “conservative” society. I’m not from Hong Kong, although I know it well, and he’s a jerk in any language and any culture. Hong Kong doesn’t go as insane over a nipple-slip as America, so think carefully before you decide who’s conservative.

  • Peter Norton

    Ask him to take more flattering photographs of you than he did of the others. And use a condom. You might as well rub against a public toilet wall.

  • Perter Norton

    Also, I’m wondering who is “punishing” Edison. Is not liking him, or thinking he’s a jerk, punishment?

    If ordinary people think he behaved badly and don’t want to buy his records or watch his films, that’s their freedom. I don’t buy Britney Spears’ crap because I’m sick of her too. It’s not “punishment”.

    The triads MIGHT punish Edison because he is costing them a lot of money, having wrecked Gill’s image and fucked up someone with “connections”.

    The police so far seem to be not punishing him but having a hard time getting straight answers from him.

    Why do some of you keep thinking he’s punished. If you don’t like how someone behaves do you HAVE TO keep buying their junk to show you are not punishing them?

  • Misa Misa

    Kira is actually Yagami Light!

  • Edison

    Hi Guys….

    Guess what…. People just found more photo about me fking other girls. Am I sick or what. Now you know the who entertainment industy is into 1 night stand or “pay as you go”. Top up your wallet, let me know how much you want to pay and I will set you up….



    Now you know I have a talent dick and tongue…. I tell you, these are the girls who will let me take the pic…. Think about those who let me fk and lick without taking pic. Don’t you want a life like mine? Lick and fk a diff girl every other day or so… I don’t care if she is my friend’s gf, don’t care if she is close to under age. Next time when I get to be the judge of beauty contest, come and let me fk you and I will give you 10 out of 10…. Whooo….highway to HK entertainment industry. Split your legs and you will be rewarded!!!

    Hollyhood…I am coming… Let me do your movie stars to beef up my trophy album!!! I feel gifted to have so much $ to fk and tape anyone I wanted!!!!!

  • aust

    who the fuck cares! do you people have a life? give the guy a trophy for his success in fucking hkong celebrities. what’s it to ya?

  • Jack

    No kidding….He is definitely advocate and excellent examples of practice safe sex. I hope poeple know that condom does not protect all kind of std…meaning herpes all these can still be spread.

    I have lots of $ too, why dont’ u let me do u? If you get turn on by taping / photo..I can do that as well. That lucky son of b knows he may get into lots of troubles so he went for the witness stand… this guy is such a disgrace to HK entertainment industry. Now we all know everyone is a slut / gigolo in that entertainment arena.

    Man, I think he can be a top pron star if he decided to work in that industry.

  • HKboy

    The bigger question if you don’t care, is why are YOU here?

  • HKboy

    Well, maybe a hazmat suit would be better

  • lol

    You are such a hypocrite, what are doing here on a celebrities site, are any of them your best friend? lol

    Think before you speak next time,lol

  • Hmm

    Well, more like he got scouted to the HK entertainment industry and decided to drop school in Vancouver…

  • HKboy

    Absolutely not.

    Wasn’t “spotted” until he was 19, in a HK club

    And his daddy pulled some strings too, to find him a “career”

  • Casanova

    Unlike Edison, my dick is actually longer than my tongue.

    Call me.

  • Historian

    Also, he’d hardly drop school in Vancouver as the school he flunked out of was the HK International School

  • ??

    No he is with Vincy

  • Ailn

    what kid’s dick

  • Destard

    Based on latest report Vincy already dumped him due to strong objections from her family when he tried in vain to propose to her. Which is a very smart move. Considering his future well being is highly dependant on the Yeung family ( especially Albert Yeung) ‘forgiving’ him.
    I mean purely speculating, but after the few less compromising pics of Vincy was released online Kira suddenly disappered. I strongly believe that the yeungs paid him off to protect one of their own blood.
    Therefore, I do not expect anymore pics to surface or at very least those connected to the Emperor group.

  • blonde

    This guy is sooo cute. At least he’s worth more than many losers talking shit about him.

  • charlie not chan

    Edison was a hated man the first day he appeared on film. Unlike many screen actors in the west, who actually worked their way up the top by appearing in small parts etc and finally getting recognition for their work – Edison just jumped right to the head of the line. He wasn’t scouted, discovered, or worked his way up – he just started on top because his rich Daddy was friends with the head of the film company EEG, ALbert Yeung. Even his fellow young actors like Daniel Wu, who is a Chinese-American did bit parts as a Gay Cop in his first films – that at least shows an actor is willing to take chances by playing gay – but not Edison – he was just Mr Cool Movie Star from day one – I guess he had nowhere to go but down.

  • Bored

    Why is this such a big deal besides the fact that Edison is famous singer/actor in HK???? Had it been anyone of you whose sex tapes be posted on the internet, no one would criticize you for your behaviors and ethics. It is just a fetish that one may have for taping while have sex. I am sure you have more sick fantasies of your own.

  • not bored

    Next time you’re bored have a wank dear. Might be more interesting.

  • pizicai

    it’s realy?I don’t believe this.because the computer had been handle to police.

  • FkEdison

    You don’t think fk like a little rabbit and keeping the pic as trophy has some kind of problem? Do you want to have him live next to your house? Would you care if the one who he is fking and filming is your wife or your daughters?

    This guys is a sex maniac….he needed to be stopped.

  • Edison

    At least he’s not some creepy dude pretending to be a girl.

    Hey, I’m not fussy. Just bend over and I’ll give you some of my chlamydia too.

  • klkl

    yes you go ahead, stupid people should stick together

  • jij

    With your thinking like that,just hope you never wish to be a school teacher..

  • theo

    Go join Gill’s ‘naive and foolish’ group then, haha

  • Edison wanna be

    My HERO!!! I want my son grow up just be like him. haha

  • Rex

    Actually, it IS a big deal only because Edison & Co. are famous celebs. IMO, everything else are only excuses to cover up the true reason why everyone is so interested in this incident: they’re nosy. People outside of Asia have no clue but Gillian and Cecilia are actually huge stars, enjoying much more success than Edison. With these 3 together, we are talking about household names we see on TV everyday.


    Gillian’s singing group, “Twins,” have won numerous music awards in Hong Kong, well over 200 in the past 8 years.

    Cecilia won the Best Actress Award of Hong Kong Film Awards in 2004 for her role in the movie “Lost in Time,” 4 years after winning the Best Performer Award in 2000.

    I guess there’s enough info on EDC here on this site.

  • what the hell is wrong

    Let’s look on the other side,
    First, he didn’t steal, he didn’t rip, he didn’t make anyone to do anything they didn’t want. The girl posted on their behalf, no one made them to do anything thing they don’t want to. The only problem so far is the guy who stole the picture and post it!

  • awfultiger


  • ???

    regardless of this whole sitaution. NO ONE, I mean NO ONE put a gun thru the girls head to do what they have done…So, lets just the picture straight.

    And in reality, only in a Chinese Society would blow these types of scandal out of proportion…this does not happen in an American Society.

    As for Gill, naive and innocent! This is a cock a bullshit!!

    And Edison, his career ended good for your carelessness.

  • notoriousPIG

    this is where you are wrong buddyboy.
    all of this gonna blow over and everyone is gonna loved them all over again. even you dipshit.

    chinese are wacked!

  • klkl

    Not only in Chinese Society! What about Janet Jackson’s accidental nipple showing? what’s the big deal about that? And Paris Hilton’s sex tape? You can buy that sort of stuff everywhere in the States!
    Well, but never famous chinese celebrities, that’s why!

  • girl

    No you are more wacked, we know these celebrities so we are interested in them but you guys know nothing bout them before this thing started and are so noisy about them now, why? No gossips from Hollywood?