Bikinis don't fall off of Mary-Kate and Ashley | The Blemish

Bikinis don’t fall off of Mary-Kate and Ashley

By on March 28, 2008

Olsens bikini

Even though their rail-thin bodies will never be able to withstand the Santa Ana winds short of nailing their feet to the ground, I’d still hit Mary-Kate and without hesitation and with much gusto. There’s nothing hotter than the sound of ribs cracking and pelvis’ breaking during sex. Banging the Olsens would roughly sound like eating a bowl of Rice Krispies except with them, I won’t be the only one moaning with pleasure.


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  • capt. cornhole

    Even if these two were 50, I couldn’t look at them without feeling like a pedophile.
    I see hips and tiny tits, but that still makes them look like a pair of 13 year olds.

    I feel dirty and right now. I’m expecting Chris Hanson to be asking me to have a seat for an exit interview.


  • agent bedhead

    That Rice Krispies joke was ace. ;-)

  • Herman B

    lol. what the f*ck is going on. standing there with those little legs gaped open like that.

    that’s a good way to get your tiny t-what screwed.