Ashley Olsen Diagnosed with Lyme Disease and It’s Getting Worse

Cinco de Mayo just passed, but someone still has leftover limes. Lyme disease to be exact. That person is Ashley Olsen. Word comes out that she contracted the disease, caused by tick bites, and that she’s in the later stages of it, and has suffered with it for years. According to OK UK:

“She’s really sick. It’s gotten worse. She was diagnosed in the very late stages so early detection measures weren’t options for her. She’s really going through it.

“When she does come to work, she looks haggard and dishevelled. And she’s often moody. Ashley’s having a very rough time right now.”

Wow, sounds like a real joy to be around. Who knew such a small parasite’s bite could cause rashes, fevers and muscle and joint pain? Usually, Hollywood parasites just take 10% and call it a manager’s fee.

Coincidentally, another blonde Hollywood celeb also laid in bed for 5 months. Not to get an acting role or anything, but because she too contracted Lyme disease. And that person was…Avril Lavigne. Dun dunnn. Is there an epidemic striking blonde Hollywood celebrities? Is Jennifer Lawrence or Blake Lively next on the list? Better watch out, these things come in threes.

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Jeff Levy
Jeff Levy
9 years ago

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