Nicole Kidman slipped an areola | The Blemish

Nicole Kidman slipped an areola

By on November 18, 2008

Nicole Kidman slipped something

Besides Nicole Kidman announcing she may take a hiatus from acting to procreate, the Australia star also slipped an areola during the film’s premiere. It’s not much to get excited over but when you live in the basement like me, it’s a lot. Even if it belongs to a pasty 40-year-old who hasn’t seen the Sun since the big bang.

nicole kidman areola 01nicole kidman areola 02nicole kidman areola 03nicole kidman areola 04nicole kidman areola 05

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  • chewy

    she’s beginning to look like a grandmother.

  • truly gorgeous

    Nicole is truly a gorgeous looking woman and I love the color of her hair! She and Hugh Jackman make a very handsome pair.