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“The Hills” cast is paid too much

By on September 29, 2009

The Daily Beast put up some depressing numbers of what the cast of make per episode. is back and makes $90,000 compared to ’s $100,000 which is pretty good considering Audrina had to prove her worth by leaking topless shots of herself. Lauren Conrad was making $125,000 per episode with a stipulation that no one make more than her. Lauren Bosworth and Heidi Montag are also paid $100,000 a show while Spencer Pratt is paid only $65,000. All this for throwing a few bitchy comments at each other, but otherwise doing nothing.

Meanwhile, my hot dog fell on the carpet and I’m still considering eating it. Mm, that carpet lint and weird black thing really gives it flavor.

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  • Kevin

    In the end everyone wants their piece of the pie, this show brings in a lot of money I would expect the same thing.

  • darci

    Well all MTV’s gonna have to find a new way to spend all that money, because it looks like everyone is quitting at the end of this season. Still, I’m glad to have The Hills back, even if this is the show’s last hurrah. No other show helps me feel better about myself than watching this drama unfold haha.

    Plus, last night they had some great music in the episode, too – I was way happy that they played “Warning” by Great Northern and “Sabotage” by Lydia Paek.