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Michelle “Bombshell” McGee might be a Nazi

By on March 19, 2010

Jesse James must be going for the gold medal in the Piss Your Wife Off Olympic Games because not only did he cheat on Sandra Bullock while she was giving an Oscar winning performance, he may have been doing it with a Nazi.

TMZ recently uncovered a full on Nazi themed photo shoot Michelle McGee did almost a year ago (photos here). The theme was the photographer’s idea but Michelle was “very enthusiastic” about it. While doing a themed shoot isn’t any reason to label her a Nazi, there’s this.

In child custody documents filed in January, Michelle’s ex-husband says she “makes the Nazi salute,” and has a swastika tattooed on her stomach (not seen in these pics).

In one photo the letter “w” is on Michelle’s left leg, and the letter “p” on her right. We’re told Michelle tells people it stands for “white power.”

Radar reports that one of Michelle’s sons is also Jewish and she strips under the pseudonym “Avery”, which is her other son’s name. Michelle thinks is hi-larious when her Jewish son does the Nazi salute.

This chick is very obviously insane but maybe there’s a rational explanation. Maybe the “Nazi salute” she does is a nervous tick and the “w” and “p” on her legs? That might stand for “WordPress”, the famous blogging software, or “Way Posh”, an ironic statement about her character. Let’s not jump to conclusions here.

NSFW gallery of Michelle starts here. Contains nudity.

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  • Mel and Palin are dumb

    Two things:

    1) How can her son be Jewish if she is not? One of the most basic laws of Judaism states that the mother must be Jewish in order for the children to be Jewish. If the father is Jewish and the mother isn’t the kids are not Jewish.

    2) She is an ugly bitch with fake tits. Please stop posting pictures of this slut. Thanks in advance.

  • Aaron

    You can convert to Judaism if your mother is not Jewish. People do it all the time.

    • Mel and Palin are dumb

      Yes but that’s reform Judaism and it’s usually done for marriage. It’s not really accepted by the more orthodox members of the religion.

      Now back to my other point: This girl is an ugly whore.

  • logan

    What a piece of trash.

  • someone

    she sure has NO class…why would Jesse cheat on Sandra, who is beautiful, and classy..with that ho?????

    • shan

      because he is a DOG!!!!and like most men, can’t keep it in there pants!!!

    • Antol

      Well the girl has a pulse, that’s enough for some men…..

  • Palin Puss Fart


  • Mia

    You can convert to any branch of Judaism, I converted Orthodox, though I’m now Reconstructionist. But I see no evidence that this woman converted in any denomination, and if she did, she’s a disgrace. On a lot of levels. In fact, she’s a disgrace, regardless.

  • floomaloose

    People keep asking why JJ would cheat. Some possibilities:
    1. He was used to having sex with sex industry types and Sandra Bullock didn’t know how to do that so he got bored.
    2. Sandra Bullock said she had a controlling nature, made lists and stuck to them and was very annoying to live with (her words).
    3. Sandra Bullock and Jesse J were not suited for the long haul because they didn’t have enough in common.

    This woman is not to blame she didn’t make him have sex with her at gunpoint. JJ did that all by himself.
    Sandra B has always come across as genuinely funny and seems nice the only thing that she did that wasn’t nice was put her star power behind JJ to not allow the mother of his little child to have custody. Although I agree about the mother not having custody I still think she should have had visitation rights supervised of course but Sandra should not have got involved as the child needed to see her mother and Sandra was and is not her mother.
    Maybe there are things about Sandra we don’t know about in terms of her preferences or views.
    Bottom line guy cheated. Sure they’ll both go on to find other partners not end of world.

  • DryHeave

    This chick should have gotten @SS implants instead of breasts.
    She’s got the @SS of a man.

  • silvursprings

    is it because she’s covered in tattoo’s that she is “trash” or “white trash?” what if she had not one tattoo, she was just, let’s say a swimsuit model for Sports Illustrated, would she still be “trash?”

    • brat

      She “trash” because she slept with a married man. Just Like Jesse is “trash”.. they are White trash lookin for a trailer.

    • Mo

      YES!!!!!! She would STILL be trash! And it’s not because she’s covered in tats, look at those photos she took. She is white trash!! Jesse deserves a woman like her, not an A list actress, classy down to earth woman like Sandra Bullock. Boo goes out to Jesse, just for the record people, stop blaming the woman! There is ALWAYS outsiders who are not happy who want to destroy your home. IT’s up to you to not let them. Also for the record, If I see comments like “men will be men” I am going to hurl!!!! NOT ALL MEN CHEAT!!!! INSECURE men cheat! PERIOD!!!!!

  • Sam_AD_100

    She is hot, hot, hot… Jewish, christian, Muslim, or none of the above, she is still hot. Just because you can’t have her, don’t hate her!!!

  • anonymous

    She is a trash and disgrace and looser

  • anonymous

    fake everything and she is a trashy and not even classy:)))

  • Topfschalk

    She’s less insane than the TMZ team and the commentators here…

  • whattamafack

    i find it ironic that while being a neo-nazi, she is covered by tattoo designs very blatantly foreign-inspired (like those giant japanese flowers on her pasty a$$ cheeks). what a moron.

  • Mala Noche

    People cry out, “Why, why, why??? ________ is so beautiful, classy and nice. Why would you want to be with that slut!” Let’s face it, getting with a horny chick that will do anything you want in the sack kicks ass. But at home we want the caring sophisticated woman with whom we’re emotionally connected.

    Sorry, but most of you ladies out there can’t understand this unless your’re the afore mentioned “horny chick”. If you are one of those “horny chicks” then hit me up… Don’t let my find out though!

  • Paul

    That bitch is sexy I don’t care what you say.

    I bet she can ride a dick like nobodies business.

  • Matt

    Wet Pussy, you douchebags. If she was White Power, don’t you think she’d have other less vague tats? Idiots.

  • Josh

    Look, how can you say she has a swastika tattoo on her stomach and then show pictures of her stomach where she obviously doesn’t have a swastika?

    The world of pop culture is so full of blame pointing idiots who twist anything to make a favorable outcome. It’s like statistics.

  • Zvr2001

    Idk what everyones problem is. she is beautiful. some ppl think having tattoos and and being skinny makes you disgusting. i think someone being jewish is disgusting. deal with it