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Khloe Kardashian’s vagina is better looking than previously thought

By on August 31, 2010

Um, I’ll just be vomiting in the corner while you read this. On the newest episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, gets laser hair removal for the first time after a little convincing from Kim. I guess it was a two for one type thing because they were both in the same room which led to Kim commenting on Khloe’s vagina.

“You have a better, like, looking vagina than I thought,” Kim said while watching the procedure.

“What? What did you think my vagina was going to look like?” Khloe asked.

“I don’t know, I never looked at your vagina,” Kim said. “I thought it was, like, a shaved rashy vagina.”

“I have a nice ass, too,” Khloe said.

To be fair, that’s what I imagined Khloe’s vagina to look like too. Except, add toothy to that list of adjectives. Thankfully, Kim ended up not verifying Khloe’s claims about her ass as I imagine it was hard enough to keep from yaking without having to look at Khloe’s gnarly butthole.

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  • James

    Hey Bigfoot (aka Khloe) no you do NOT have a nice ass, unless of course you really are a gorilla.

    • az_qt

      I guess the fact that she even HAS A VAGINA just goes to show the miracle of modern medicine!!

  • Charles

    You have gone way to far with your obscession with this family of wanna be woman. There are a million stories out there an you insist on a daily dose of these woman. Enough of the butt ugly people.

  • Megmarston

    I’m sick of people talking about VAGINAS. Yes, girls, we do have them. No class in this world at all anymore!!!

  • Meg

    Okay, Okay, I’m sick of women talking about their VAGINAS!! Enough already, girls. Yes, we have them. Everybody knows it. What in the world happened to classy women in the world? Oh, for the days of Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn. Sleazy is in for the young crowd….and boy, is it getting old

    • cinda

      I agree these people are disgusting. Get them off tv already, enough of this garbage!

    • Hec101jth

      I totally agree, no wonder the young kids are confused about what is right and wrong. I don’t know what happened to the world, but I could use a dose of the “olden days” when people didn’t talk about or show everything.

  • Blondemoment222

    Toothy? LOL how can a vagina be toothy??

    • a.h.t.

    • Kuro

      There’s a movie about a vagina that has teeth……yeah disturbing….

    • Superman by Eminem

      There is a movie called “Teeth” which involves a vagina that bites off men’s penis’s and causes them to bleed to death.

  • Sbr3646

    just the thought of an overused rashy kardashy vagina is repiulsive who ewould want to dine t that rrestaurant anyway can you just imagine wh and wehat has been in that rashy pink taco? yuck

  • Lisa

    Some people need an anatomy lesson. The vagina is inside. The external “lady parts” are called vulva. I as well am sick of hearing about celebrity’s vaginas and va-jay-jays.

    • Bobo

      But “vulva” sounds so vulgar. And vagina is analagous to penis as far as sex organs go. That’s what I’m teaching my kids to call it…We need a new word like “vulgina” to cover all the bases.

    • Mabjaia69

      I think Lisa brings a good point.Girls should be proud to have vagina and nice to talk about it…

  • SBR3646


    • Mikep688

      its more like karTRASHY

  • Jerseyj40

    If we all spent the time and money these hairy, big nose Armenians with their fat asses did, we could all be good looking. Just look at there younger photos, including Rob, They look just like their Dad. They are to not to pretty. Wish them all the bad luck in the world. They are sickening. Kris is the worst. Would love to see them deflate. Are they going to have Mason’s face done over. He is the epitomy of their family.

  • Olliesdrey

    Humping she-dogs. As low grade as it gets.

  • Gina

    All these Kardashians are low class gross useless trash. They act as if nobody else in the world has a vagina . It’s not “shocking” or “cool” idiots, you all sound like a bunch of morons. Get a life

  • Scalatilemiguel

    Lamont must like that hanging lipp stinkhole! And Kim must stare in the mirror for hours to get that irritating Cleopatra zombie look! Don’t let me leave out Kourtney with THE MOST obnoxious voice right up there with Oprah the rude talk show ho. I mean host. Hopefully the young Jenner girls don’t pick up any of these traits, but then again thier momma is super annoyance Kris. (Note to Kardashian bimz: Go get some talent and try again)

  • Sensuman


    • Sanskatefreak

      I understand it’s all gossiping, But let them be and that’s all there gonna do, why care what they do/, when you have your life to live and i totally agree with you, but it’s a waste of time to gossip about them

  • watdafuk

    To bad she looks like a dude.

  • Bck2future231

    After reading this I am thinking “how low can it get” is nothing kept personal. The people who let this stuff get on television are way out of hand. Wonder why our kids and adults have no respect for anything anymore, why people are rude and crude????? Ding Ding Ding “what is television in 2010″ – Alex… I don’t want the rice aroni or the encyclopedia, I think that all television, can be good television, however certain rules should always be followed and some things should not be allowed to air. If we want that sort of subject matter then suscribe to an adult channel cause that is where it belongs. I am not a prude but wow, I would like to ask some of these people if they kiss their mother with that mouth.
    And before it is said “if you dont like it then tune to another channel” I do and I would if they all arent running the same crap to keep up with each other. Shock TV isn’t needed.. Is the FCC running a contest which programs can be the most shocking – distasteful – and vulgar…….. Our society is falling down all around us……

    • Setfiretodecember

      The young crowd has rejected your hypocritical mores and standards because the world it produced during your time is no better than it was at any other time. Your parents thought society was falling down in the 60′s too- and what happened? You became parents and you raised gen X, who in turn have become parents. And the whole lot of you seem to have forgotten what it was like to be young, painting these sterile portraits of a pure mickey mouse club world that never existed.

      Society is not falling down and the end of the world is not imminent. I know change is hard for you. It is for everyone.

      Here’s a thought: television at it’s absolute best still produces nothing of true intellectual, spiritual, or emotional value. Stop watching it. I have.

    • indind58

      I’m afraid you are right. I fear for this country. Money is controlling everything.
      And there is no one in sight who might really CHANGE things back to the good old days, Thank you,

  • Anonymous

    bunch of haters – ur the idiots ranting over this article and are probably the majority of the millions of viewers watching the show, clicking on all their articles, and posting neg sh^t on the blogs! HATERS!

    • KellyGirl

      Anonymous must be black…haha!

    • Can1cpa

      Agree w/anonymous: what is with the hate people? The show has an entertainment value& if you do not like do not watch it – simple concept. Remember it is a reality show – not the Discovery channel. Yes Kris is out there & the girls swear but that is funny – the controlling mother. The older girls are pretty as the young Jenner’s are as well; while Kim is a sharp business woman – I give her credit for using her assets to build a career – everybody does it only she has been very sucessful at it. For those women (and men) who do not get that are ignorant & jeolous…watch something else there is worse on the tube.

  • KellyGirl

    All those Kardashian sluts are tiresome…isn’t their 15 mins up yet??? And what’s up with Kim and Khloe only dating blacks?? Can’t they get anyone else? Kourtney’s voice couldn’t be anymore monotone if she tried. And her disgusting boyfriend Scott….geez…..where do I begin? With his bright green pants or his rat teeth??

    • anonymous

      nope not black but married to one! living better than ur racist ass – you prob ugly for HATING ON ALL GOOD LOOKING FEMALES (OR HATING FOR US INDEPENDANT WOMEN WHO KNWO HOW TO MAKE DOUGH ON THEIR OWN)!!!! POWER to women who handle their business!

  • KellyGirl

    I met Kris Jenner at a Ronald McDonald House event over a Christmas holiday (for terminally ill children and their families) and you know what she said when someone offered her a plate of food????? I DON’T EAT OFF PAPER PLATES! She was a giant bitch! Bruce, on the other hand, was extremely nice and apologized for her behavior. She has zero class!

  • Kanceskellisoria

    there was no seriousness in kim’s comment, i actually thought it was funny. kuwtk is a good show and i love the kardashians. they are beautiful women. i guess all the negative comment makers are just jealous that they can’t/don’t look as hot as they do. if you don’t like them, then don’t read articles about them or comment about them.

  • Djackson2000

    Girls who comment about “class” are fat or old ugly chicks or both. Guys who do are gay. You say you wouldnt have sex with her? No she just wont have sex with you.

  • Dukeaz07

    I don’t get the big interest with these chicks…Kim is alright looking and has freakishly large @$$ but after watching her on Dancing with the Stars I was completly amazed by the way she moves on the dance floor *ugh*…we all know what that means…LOL!

  • LemmonHerk

    Apparently, there are several people (Kim and Khloe Kardashian PLUS the writer of this article) who are confused about exactly what and where the vagina is. The vagina isn’t hairy — it’s the place where you put a tampon. The part that is shaved or waxed is in front of the vagina (or around it, if you’re an aggressive waxer/shaver). That level of ignorance was the real shocker of this article.

  • Gia

    I like them..they’re funny and gorgeous. The part I can do without is the constant foul language.

  • Rik2fish

    It just goes to show you, Money doesn’t buy “CLASS”!!

  • Loveblossomz

    I love Khlloe! Bump these losers, they hatinnn!

  • Lenardapril

    You know what i like kloe more then kim any day you go girl!!!!

  • Lyndsay


    This woman…
    This beast…

    She married a Laker. Lamar Odom, no less.

    Why, Lamar, WHY?!

    These Kardashian ho’s need to leave Hollywood. Just like the people on the Jersey Shore. In fact, why can’t reality TV disappear? Sigh.

  • VomitO

    The word “Vagina” was what drew me to this article but now I am wholly regretting being “Sucked In” to this . .

  • Thmase

    Ugh so many Khloe haters…I love this family!!!

    • Poetheather311

      Yeah they can be over the top and foul at times, but no one is even mentioning how NICE and GENEROUS they can be, Why stoop down and make fun of what they look like, are you all in 3rd grade or something? There is a mature way to converse and give an opinion.

  • tony

    Kim is not a god for nothing waste as some have said on here . She gives alot of her time and money to charities and she has perfume and clothing lines and several other things going on on top of her modeling career. Most of the people with negative comments on here must just be wishing they had her hundreds of millions of dollars she has earned over the past 10 years or so. Get a life you wannabes !!!

  • Cfb123

    Noyhing but disgust here…..If nobody likes them, then why are they on TV?

  • The_high_priestess2001

    Khloe is pretty and I am sure she has nice everything. You guys are just jerks.

  • Hank

    My first and last visit to this site!

  • Jane

    The K girls did not have a chance. I do like Khloe the best. She is the only one who seems to stand up to the overbearing, pompous, pimp mother the poor girls were saddled with. I keep waiting for Bruce to get off his back side and dump that trashy woman. Kris is the real trash, and she treats those daugters and now the younger ones two as though they a chattell to be used for her profit. Bruce, you have to save your younger daughters, the Jenner girls. It is not too late for them.

  • alschrod

    Is there NOTHING that can be done to remove this trash from TV? Why don’t they produce complete nudity, have a show of non-stop profanity, show kids “sexting” etc and call it “progress in American moral standards”? Get that crap off the screen, and I don’t care HOW many people “want” it!

  • Luvabeat69


  • Hcmyheart

    With all of the “heavy” garbage out there, Starting with the 24 hour daily news practically shoved down our throats, this stuff is light hearted and cute..No it’s not “well written” humor where the actor’s are overpaid, but silly no “heavy” stuff and once in awhile who couldn’t use that

  • Dpk921

    I’d like to have what these hairy beasts spend on hair removal and anal bleachings. I could retire. All because thats how their black boyfriends like it.

  • Conrad Shagwell

    Poor Lamar. Poor, poor Lamar. What did he do to deserve THAT?

  • Gseptien

    the kardashian women are sick, sick, sick!!

  • Big Foot

    I just threw up in my mouth…..

  • Buddha96

    It’s stupid shows like this and they people they make famous that make other countries hate America. We reward stupidity here. Jersey Shore just proves this fact.

  • Mike

    Let me guess, a woman wrote this.

  • Jameyt

    Kim is apparently sad even if her tape did give her a boost financially. I think she is depressed about the sextape, but can’t escape it. I suspect she knows that maybe God forgives her, but nobody else will, even herself. I think that if she went public with an apology to all the young girls that look to her as a role model and tell them that following her example will only bring them sadness, the public may forgive her.

  • Kde56

    klhoe has a great ass

  • Bo$$

    Whe de fuck did thiz bitch ass classless celebrty wanabe not americans cme frm nwe..God damn they’r too desperate fo fanz n mney

  • Superman by Eminem

    There is a movie called “Teeth” which involves a vagina that bites off men’s penis’s and causes them to bleed to death.

  • Holiday by Green Day

    There are a couple of words that name both the vulva and vagina, pussy and cunt.

  • Jimmy

    Wow. It’s a gossip article people. Chill the fack out.