Adrianne Curry Hit 300k Followers on Twitter | The Blemish

Adrianne Curry Hit 300k Followers on Twitter

By on January 5, 2012

In and of itself, Adrianne Curry hitting 300k followers on Twitter shouldn’t mean anything. But when she promises to post a topless pic of herself when she reaches said 300k, then it means something. A small something but something nonetheless.

Well, a bunch of people who wanted to see her naked started following her and she delivered. You can check out the NSFW artsy pic here. It was… meh. Oddly enough, the most interesting thing about the picture isn’t her tits but how she managed to balance that wine glass on the railing. Discuss!

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  • cookiemonster

    What do we get at 500K?

    • The Blemish

      The inside of her vagina probably

  • quickshooter

    That top rail is a flat (on top and bottom, as it sits on the post) vs the round rails below.
    She looks awesome though.