Michael Bay Filming Another Victoria's Secret Commercial | The Blemish

Michael Bay Filming Another Victoria’s Secret Commercial

By on February 17, 2012

Michael Bay has filmed commercials for Victoria’s Secret for the past two years. I heard the girls loved being demeaned so much they asked him back for another one. Michael Bay agreed and then jerked off a couple times into wads of $100 bills. His life is fantastic.

Anyway, here he is filming it. I’d pay anything to see the storyboard to this. I imagine it was pretty much tits everywhere while fighter jets flew by and random explosions went off. Bay is basically living every 12-year-old’s wet dream at this point.

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  • Whopaysadrforaflatass

    P A N C A K E AZZ

  • mashedpotatpes

    The author sounds just a little envious, haha.