Kim Kardashian Has That Muffin Top | The Blemish

Kim Kardashian Has That Muffin Top

By on December 13, 2012

Kim Kardashian went out in Miami, Florida on Wednesday wearing a tight leather skirt with a bare midriff and if you know anything about tight leather skirts, bare mid-driffs and Kim Kardashians, you know that’s a recipe for muffin tops. And not the delicious kind you can eat. It’s the disturbing kind you see at Walmart that makes you wince in disgust.

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  • .

    Pathetic ugly ass bitch. She looks part human and part insect with that weird face of hers. Why the hell does she get so much publicity?

  • Z

    Kim does not look good with tan skin. Especially if her hair is brown/off-black. She needs a boob and butt reduction. She doesn’t look as pretty as she was. :|