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‘Nurse 3D’ Trailer Features Girl on Girl
katrina bowdenDecember 6, 2013

Paz de la Huerta and Katrina Bowden star in Nurse 3D. A typical love story about a nurse who falls for her co-worker, date rapes her and stalks her ...

Paz de la Huerta Is Stunning
paz de la huertaMay 22, 2013

Ever since she was written off Boardwalk Empire, we haven’t heard much from Paz de la Huerta other than reports of her being inappropriately drunk at parties and pictures of ...

Stay Classy, Paz de la Huerta
nsfwNovember 26, 2012

If you were to pick one set of photos to describe Paz de la Huerta, a set that represents her very essence, these photos of disheveled Paz with ...

Paz de la Huerta Penis Joke Here
paz de la huertaApril 17, 2012

Paz de la Huerta was photographed in NYC scarfing down a burrito when some guy sat down next to her pretending to casually eat too like there weren’t ...

This Week in Shoots – 03.23.2012
brooklyn deckerMarch 23, 2012

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these. Mainly because it get’s messy. But here you go anyway. Up top is the only decent sized photo ...

Paz de la Huerta Won’t Return
boardwalk empireFebruary 7, 2012

Last we left Paz de la Huerta on Boardwalk Empire, she went out for some milk but never came back. And don’t expect her to because HBO has ...

Paz de la Huerta Suffers Alcohol Ban
paz de la huertaNovember 15, 2011

Paz de la Huerta usually looks drunk in all her pictures. Probably because she is. Not anymore, however. Hosting the opening of New York’s Hotel on Rivington bar ...

Paz de la Huerta Is Drunk
paz de la huertaSeptember 16, 2011

Paz de la Huerta showed up at the season premiere of Boardwalk Empire completely sloshed. It’s come to the point that if her liver isn’t overtaxed with alcohol, ...

Paz de la Huerta is in Her Place
esquireMay 9, 2011

Paz de la Huerta is the newest woman to be featured in Esquire Magazine’s collaboration with the Me in My Place photographer whose series seems like a clever ...