Paz de la Huerta Is Stunning

Ever since she was written off Boardwalk Empire, we haven’t heard much from Paz de la Huerta other than reports of her being inappropriately drunk at parties and pictures of her changing in the middle of a parking lot.


Stay Classy, Paz de la Huerta

If you were to pick one set of photos to describe Paz de la Huerta, a set that represents her very essence, these photos of disheveled Paz with cigarette in hand changing in a public parking lot in Miami would be it.


Paz de la Huerta Penis Joke Here

Paz de la Huerta was photographed in NYC scarfing down a burrito when some guy sat down next to her pretending to casually eat too like there weren’t any other available stoops.


Paz de la Huerta is in Her Place

Paz de la Huerta is the newest woman to be featured in Esquire Magazine’s collaboration with the Me in My Place photographer whose series seems like a clever ruse to force himself into a girl’s house under a pretense and take pictures of them half naked.


Paz de la Huerta Charged With Asssault

Back in March, Paz de la Huerta (Naked chick on Boardwalk Empire) got really drunk, hit on a guy who wasn’t interested, threw a glass at Samantha Swetra who made fun of her for being a sloppy drunk after she drunkenly fell onto a table causing her breast to pop out and then punched her in the face.


Quentin Tarantino Down!

Quentin Tarantino may have had too much fun at an LA Oscars after party because he ate it as he made his away around the car subsequent to helping the blitzed Paz de la Huerta in.