K-Fed has no conscience

Kevin Federline partied in Miami last weekend hyping his upcoming cd. He ran around the beach playing with a bunch of toys only his wife could afford. He watched Game 5 of the NBA finals and hosted a party at the Mansion club till 3 AM. No one knows yet how he got in.

The one thing Kevin forgot to do was help a children’s charity, which he pledged to do on every stop of his promotional tour. When Kevin’s PR rep was asked about this, she responded with an e-mail that is presumptuous at best.

“K­evin went to Mansion to play additional new tracks from his upcoming album. And the crowd loved every track that Kevin and the deejay played. It was another stop on his promotional tour in support of his debut album.”

Sure, if everyone in the crowd had shattered eardrums. How much of an ass does someone have to be to skip out on helping children. Although, some would say this was helping. Maybe the Make-A-Wish Foundation wished that K-Fed didn’t come near them. You have to know that Kevin helping children consists of rocking out to Popo Zao while his knee accidentally meets with their faces.


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