Kevin Federline Is Straight Hustling Britney Spears

Kevin Federline continues the greatest hustle ever known to man.

According E! News, Britney Spears has been forced to pay Federline $110,000 in order to cover his legal fees in their ongoing child support battle. $100,000 of that money will go to Federline to cover his costs, the rest will go to Benchmark Resolution Group.

Either K-Fed is spending way too much on legal fees — and he wonders why he’s broke — or he just conned Spears out of even more money. This dude really took a one night stand with a desperate pop star and made a whole career out of it. He isn’t even pretending to work at this point. At least Casper Smart is still doing reality television to mooch off that Jennifer Lopez boost.

Federline’s attorney said:

“This was an initial contributive payment. If Britney and the conservators continue to fight tooth and nail about turning over any financial information, this will not be the last fee order they’re ordered to pay me on Kevin’s behalf. It’s puzzling why they’re putting so much energy into fighting the disclosure of her finances but I’m not deterred. We will get there eventually, it’s just a question of how much they want to cost themselves creating speed bumps on the road to the ultimate destination.”

She’s probably fighting tooth-and-nail because she doesn’t want her deadbeat baby daddy taking more of her hard-earned money.

Spears and Federline tried to resolve things without the lawyers, but couldn’t come to an agreement. Federline wants more money because Spears is now making bank thanks to her Las Vegas residency and world tour. He believes she spoils the kids and wants to spoil them in the same way. Except, you know, he wants to use her money to do so.

Dads got involved, tax returns became a thing, and K-Fed is looking more and more like a dick.

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