Kevin Federline Still Wants Britney Spears’ Money, Makes Less Than Fast Food Employees

Kevin Federline is still trying to steal as much money as he can from Britney Spears. A few weeks ago, reports came out that Federline wanted more child support from Spears. She’s currently giving him $20,000 a month, which isn’t enough for Federline’s high class lifestyle of cigarettes and white t-shirts.

PageSix is reporting that Federline wants $60,000 a month from the pop singer.

The former Mr. Spears is claiming “an extreme disparity” in their sons’ lifestyle. Britney is making bank on her Las Vegas residency and upcoming tour. Meanwhile, Federline works as a DJ that no one wants to hire. Federline claims to earn $3,000 a month as a DJ. If that’s true, he’s better off working as McDonald’s. They provide free food as well.

In the court documents, Federline claims, “[Spears] is a single woman who lives alone in a 13,264 square foot Neoclassical Italianate villa on 21 acres of land in a gated community with an elevator, a library, a media/game room, 3,500 bottle wine cellar, an additional 1,200 square foot pool house, an orchard, resort-sized pool and spa, lighted tennis court and three-green golf course. In contrast, Respondent lives with his wife, his two minor children from his current marriage, the two minor children he shares with Petitioner and two minor children from a previous relationship in a 2,000 square foot home.”

If that’s TL;DR for you, he’s basically saying, “She’s super successful and has her s**t together. I got a bunch of other kids and I can’t support them either.”

Federline still wants to see Spears’ tax returns to know how much she is truly making. Because if it’s higher than he believes, he’ll definitely be asking for more money.

K-Fed better be careful. He keeps negging himself this much and Britney is just going to go after full custody. Unless that’s his plan all along.

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