Christina Aguilera loves the whip

Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman dressed up as something or other to a costume party. My best guess is a lion tamer and a ringmaster. Which makes sense because these two are a freak show. Jordan looks like a rat and Christina is probably the most ill proportioned woman I’ve ever seen. I’m suprised her legs haven’t started buckling under the weight of her breasts.

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14 years ago

I’d love Christina Aguilera to dominate me with that whip. Here would be my fantasy. I am at a party and she looks over from the other side of the room. She points at me and orders me to follow her up the stairs into her bedroom. She locks the door behind me so no one can get in. She looks at me and says “I see you have been looking at me all night,do you want me?”, “Yes i do”. She takes my top off and unzips my pants. She then pushes me onto the bed. “Close your eyes… Read more »