Jennifer Aniston is not engaged

Jennifer Aniston has told People that she is not engaged despite all the rumors stating the opposite.

“I’m not engaged and I don’t have a ring and I haven’t been proposed to,” Aniston said in a telephone conversation she initiated to debunk the engagement rumors. “Normally we don’t even acknowledge these things because they’re endless, at this point, the thing that got me was that I was getting phone calls from Greece! My Aunt Mary in Greece is getting accused of lying! I mean, they’re getting angry.”

“My dad calls and he says, ‘Honey, it’s on the CNN crawl,’ and I’m going, ‘Wait a second!’ When it starts to travel over into the Today show and CNN and supposedly reliable and accurate news programs, then you just go, ‘This is insane.’ People are getting fed a lot of bull.”

Now Us and Life & Style have dug themselves into a deep hole. Life & Style deeper because they were making fun of Us saying they had the news 2 months ago, but then again Us did indirectly call Aniston’s publicist a liar. The real point of interest here is how Jennifer Aniston ended up on a crawl for CNN and the Today show and if there were any doubt that Jen and Vince may have broken up, then I think this quote will shed some light.

As for her relationship with Vaughn, whom she met last year while filming The Break-Up, “We’re just being,” Aniston says. “We’re having a good time.”

So, as reported, no wedding on the beach? No white dress? “No,” she says, with a laugh. “I mean, it couldn’t be more of a ‘No.’ “

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