Joe Francis is still a douche

The LA Times have put up a scathing story about Joe Francis of Girls Gone Wild. Some reporter decided to follow him around and ended up having Joe Francis call her boss to say she fell in love with him. This was after she punched him in the eye and after Joe made her cry by assaulting her. It was also after Joe apologized by asking her to give him a kiss. Two words: Ladies’ Man. It’s a pretty long story, but the more you read, the more it makes Joe Francis out to be the biggest dick in the world and a borderline rapist.

The writer also covered the thought process of girls that flash. Reading this, you realize they are merely tits and ass on two legs hoping that when they degrade themselves, they’ll be discovered since casting agents routinely go through Girls Gone Wild dvds looking for the next “it” girl. If you put these girls and Mike Tyson in a room, they would probably ask him when he graduated from Harvard. Here’s a comment that Stephanie left on the other Joe Francis story.

joe francis is such a sissy. i went to grade school with him and his older sister, babette, in newport beach , ca. he was always getting beat-up, sand kicked in his face and he got in trouble quite often for perv-ing out the little boys room. he was always crying and bubbering like a girl. i don’t care how much money he has, people still can’t stand him, people still hit him and make him cry. i suppose he thought with all his money now, he’d make-up for all his younger years. but guess what? he is still joe francis-that village idiot.

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