The Madden twins like them young

You might see Benji and Joel Madden from Good Charlotte hanging around high schools more often because their hobbies include hooking up with underage children. The New York Post said Joel started “romancing” Hilary Duff when she was only 16 and now Benji is dating some movie producer’s daughter who’s only 17.

These two sound pretty sleazy and their music makes me wish I was deaf. I can only advise them to stay away from jail bait because I don’t know a lot of high school girls who go for the shrapnel exploded in my face look. Kindergarten boys on the other hand. They think that’s cool.

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17 years ago

dude this thing is fucking stupid gc rox and why cant you just shut up about joel and hilary i mean s**t if you think it’s wrong dont look at them in pics and mags. leave good charlotte the f**k alone you know how many kids use there music to live like the song hold on do you know how many kids were “saved” by that song you just need to shut the f**k up about things you dont understand ok thats all i have to say

17 years ago

ok,this is sooooo fucking goona give u a break and let this pass,but dont EVER say anything like this EVER again.understand me?this stuff that u r sayin’ may be true,but gc is a very good band,so leave them alone!