Joe Francis is a predator

Joe Francis of Girls Gone Wild is getting no love these days. He has plead guilty to violating federal laws designed to prevent the sexual exploitation of children and must pay $2.1 million in fines.

A portion of the evidence used by the Justice Department investigation that resulted in Tuesday’s guilty pleas came from a separate case filed in Panama City in 2003. The state attorney’s office filed a 77-count complaint in Florida circuit court that alleged that Francis and his crew took a 16-year-old girl and four 17-year-old girls to a motel and paid them to engage in sexual conduct with one another in a shower in front of his cameras. He also paid two of the girls $50 each to engage in sexual actions with him, according to the complaint. Authorities seized film footage, Francis’ Ferrari and his personal jet.

Last month, the LA Times ran an unflattering editorial about him. He responded on a radio show describing the girl who wrote the piece as a fat pig who wanted to hook up with him. Real mature. I’m suprised he didn’t say she had cooties and then push her into the mud.

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