No more Lindsay Lohan for a year

Lindsay Lohan’s intense shooting and her hard partying seems to have taken their toll as she is planning to take a year-long sabbatical to “travel and learn more about other countries.” She is keen on avoiding paparazzi by spending time in remote locations where she can blend in.

Every week some exciting news surfaces. First it was Paris Hilton being punched in the face and now it’s Lindsay Lohan leaving for a year. Where are you going Lindsay? Wait, don’t tell us. It has to be a secret or it won’t work. It might be hard for a coke riddled hipster flashing her vagina at every night club to blend in, but one can try. Regardless, I was feeling generous and compiled a list of places for Lindsay to visit: Rio De Janeiro, Jamaica, Cuba, Chechnya, North Korea. Don’t forget to go without your bodyguard so you can “blend in.”

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