No one likes Lindsay Lohan

After Lindsay left the Chateau Marmont, she decided to stay at the Sierra Towers in West Hollywood. Even though she hasn’t even moved in yet, her future Sierra neighbors are complaining about the same thing her Marmont neighbors complained about.

“Everyone thinks she’ll be having parties, and I’m sure she will. Beyond the noise factor, it’s a security issue. Look at the type of and number of people she hangs out with. We don’t want them roaming the building.”

Giving the neighbors a taste of what would happen, Paris and Nicole were recently at the condos for a photo op when paparazzi came and blocked off the street.

Being the new kid in class can be hard. But when everyone in class knows the new kid is a coke addled slut who’ill make their lives a living hell, then it’s pretty much impossible. One resident says:

“Mark my words, she’ll be made miserable by the complaints and leave. Hopefully she won’t move in at all.”

Lindsay shouldn’t be expecting house warming gifts from her neighbors. The most she’ll get are really clever booby traps. One day it could be mouse traps on her toilet seat, another could be transplanting wasps into her condo while she’s sleeping and then another could be a run-by punching in the gut. Whatever happens it should be more creative because when 60% of the residents are over 60, you know they have some experience under their belt.

Here’s Lindsay at the Gears of War Xbox306 launch. There’s no coke here Lindsay, just a lot of caffeine and people making jokes you don’t understand.

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17 years ago

I can’t believe this! who wouldn’t want a nice sweet girl who is like Ann Margret’s second coming?