Cameron Diaz is on drugs

Cameron Diaz admits it’s all her fault when boyfriend Justin Timberlake gets frustrated. In an interview with OK! magazine Cameron says

“I don’t know if I do anything to annoy Justin. Nothing. I’m perfect. That’s probably what drives him crazy!”

Whoa there. I’m at a loss for words. Can a girl be this delusional? When beautiful people like me look into mirrors, they quiver with excitement. Don’t you find it odd the mirror breaks whenever you look at it? It’s not some big mystery that even your reflection tries to hide from you. Believe me, it’s not playing peek-a-boo. Yes I’m talking to you Cameron Diaz.

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12 years ago

cameron  diax  looks like  crap  !  drugs  are spelled  out  all the way across  her  face !  what happened to her  !  she use to  be  cute  and  pretty  !  now  she is  old and  dragged  out  !  yucky !