Kristie Alley shows off her new body

Kristie Alley went on Oprah yesterday to show her slimmed down body in a bikini. Well, slimmed isn’t the right word. Everything looked fine when you start from her head, but once your eyes move down to her legs it all goes to hell. She looks like she should be pulling a plow, not sauntering around in a bikini on Oprah where millions of people including children are watching. 20 years from now these kids will be telling their psychologists that this was the moment they decided to become anorexic.

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17 years ago

hi kristi, girl you look fine as hell. my name eric an i’m in the U.S.NAVY, and follow your career, and i think you look awsome know then when you frist started, dont get me wrong you were beautiful then. damn baby, your more beautiful know then ever, i’ll put to this if i dating you i would never kick you out of the bed for aleast 2weeks. DAMN GIRL YOU GOT IT GONE ON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KEEP IT UP DONT LOSE THAT JUNK-N-THE TRUCK, THERE ALOT OF MEN LIKE, THAT LOVE YOU JUST THE WAY YOU ARE RIGHT KNOW BABY.… Read more »