Lindsay Lohan was booed

Proving you don’t have to know much to work in show business, Lindsay Lohan was chosen as the host for the World Music Awards last night. They should give themselves a pat on the back as she was booed every time she took the stage. As a result, she became upset and fell down some stairs. Her arm remained intact, but she was forced to give up her duties as host.

An onlooker at the awards in Earls Court revealed: “Lindsay was devastated, she came off stage and fell, and so she had to give up. It looked incredibly painful.”

But Lindsay is a little soldier. She managed to bear through the pain and struggled to make it to the after party. Screw the armed forces, Lindsay Lohan will show you sissies what real adversity is all about. The article also says she raided the free gift room backstage and picked out a working toilet with live fish in the tank. Coincidentally, that’s the one thing I find lacking in all the houses I visit.

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