Britney and Paris are no longer friends

Britney Spears and Paris Hilton’s friendship is now over. One week ago there was an endless supply of Britney vagina. Now Britney’s people have told her that if she wants to make a comeback then she needs to stay away from Paris Hilton. This news comes shortly after a semi-apology posted on her site.

They say that Britney ended it with Paris by putting a cross up to her face. After Paris’ face started melting, the soulless creature hissed and slithered back into the night. Next year she will take three new victims. How do we kill it? How do we kill it?!

Flashbacks: Paris vagina, Britney vagina.

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17 years ago

Sound the violin…who cares!?

17 years ago

I think britney spears looks like s**t and I think its only so people (kevin?) will feel sorry for her. If she wants to get what she wants, she needs to start acting mature and get over it-move on, and show people shes strong- besides, right now she looks like a depressed “loser” and no one is going to feel sorry for her. -sorry for being hasty but its the truth and it sure does show. GET YOUR LIFE BACK BRITNEY You are a pretty girl with talent (just not now) oh and FYI (guys want what they cant have)-its… Read more »