Jessica Simpson is an embarrassment

After Jessica screwed up singing a tribute to Dolly Parton, her mom Tina called her performance embarrassing and unprofessional. Tina was upset over the fact Jessica missed a rehearsal and failed to learn the lyrics. Papa Joe on the other hand called it “cute” and wanted to leave it in until producers begged him to have Jessica redo it without an audience.

Joe Simpson would describe anything Jessica did as cute. That’s what creepy fathers who have special relationships with their big breasted daughters do. They watch out for each other. Tina Simpson wouldn’t understand. She’s always on the ugly one’s side.

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17 years ago

she can do even a paris tape for all i care. shes cute as long as her breasts are still huge

17 years ago

!!!Gaahh!!! Why is it that the more coverage there is of Nick and Vanessa, there’s more pics of Jess messing up in public? She obeyed Pappa Joe, got rid of Nick ’cause Joe wants to be the only man in her life, and the world is NOT her oyster as Pappa Joe promised it would be if only she got rid of Nick. Jess should be gettin’ rid of Pappa Joe, or she’ll never have lasting success with any man. Sorry, Jess….you can’t put husbands on a shelf when you tire of them, and then expect them to be there… Read more »

17 years ago

Wow, Jess got SERVED by momma….poor girl!